Mrs. Sara Jones To All Instructors

High School Math Classes

Mrs. Jones graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Education, Biology and Mathematics. She taught in the school system in Michigan and Texas before the arrival of her three children. While homeschooling her own children, Mrs. Jones has continued to share her passion for God’s creation through classes offered to the homeschool community. She has served the homeschool community both in tutoring and teaching classes for 20+ years. Not only does she have an incredible understanding of high school math, but she is also well versed in what the college level coursework expects. She helps shape our students for long term math success from Algebra through Pre Calculus. She has had a clear calling to serve and nurture our homeschool community and the families that have dedicated themselves to this calling.

Current Classes
HS: Algebra II (2 days) – (open)
HS: Geometry (2 Days) – (open)
HS: Precalculus (2 Days) – (open)