Mrs. Callie Chaplow To All Instructors

Classically Catholic Memory, Etiquette & Protocol, Language Arts, & IEW

Ms. Callie Chaplow is an 12-year homeschool veteran and St. Francis de Sales parishioner, who lives in Lovettsville with four  sons.  

Callie’s favorite aspect of homeschooling is enabling children to discover the world around them and how God is woven into every aspect of it, offering His fingerprint in His order through math, music, language, nature, and humanity.  Ms. Chaplow has been teaching at homeschool groups and coops (cooperatives and communities) for ten years across subject matters such as history, science, English grammar, Latin declensions and conjugations, math memory work, geography, and world timeline.  

Prior to her homeschooling mission, Ms. Chaplow served as the Senior Legislative Aide for a prominent Virginia Delegate and Senator and Chief of Staff for a Loudoun Supervisor reviewing and authoring various pieces of legislation, drafting constituent correspondence, writing press releases, composing studies, interacting with citizens, doing paralegal work, and more. She has also worked as a paralegal and is a campaign finance disclosure and compliance specialist and consultant. 

At CHRSM (Catholic Homeschool Resource Support Ministry), Ms. Chaplow will be introducing IEW’s (Institute for Excellence in Writing) TWSS (Teaching Writing Structure and Style), which she has used for nine years and taught in coops for seven years.  It offers children a formulaic approach to writing making it accessible to everyone.  Ms. Chaplow has a love for English grammar and the importance of clear communication.  She will be weaving that into her class.   

After all, Jesus Christ’s great charter to us, HIS disciples was, “ . . . Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you . . .”  We’re best prepared to do this with a firm grasp on properly structured communication.

Ms. Chaplow will be including fun and interactive elements into class to introduce English grammar memory, common Greek and Latin roots, word usage, vocabulary, punctuation, and more, while always illustrating these concepts with interesting and relevant historic events and stories.  

Current Classes
MS: IEW – Instructor (open)
UE/MS: Math Skills, Games, & Memory Work – Instructor (open)
UE: IEW – Instructor (open)
UE: Literature – Instructor (open)