Mrs. Jaclyn Jenkins To All Instructors


Jaclyn Jenkins is a native to Western Loudoun, married her high school sweetheart from Loudoun Valley, and now raises her 4 children on One Day Farm in Hamilton. She earned two bachelor degrees from College of Charleston, SC, Business Management & Hospitality Management. After working for Great Country Farms for a few years, she developed a passion for farming and opened a nature preschool program at her home called Farm School. After 5 years of teaching preschoolers about farm animals, growing fruits and vegetables, and getting them ready for kindergarten, she has expanded that program to amazing homesteading classes for her older children. She wanted them to know where their food comes from and now grinds her own flour to make breads and pastas, uses raw milk to make yogurt, cheese, and ice cream, and even teaches them how to process meat. She is excited to share her knowledge with others so that they can learn to respect and eat healthy foods and hopes they will One Day have their own farm.

Current Classes
MS/HS: Homesteading 102 – Instructor (open)
MS/HS: Public Speaking – Instructor (open)