Mrs. Wendy Webb To All Instructors

Middle School English, High School Literature

Wendy Webb graduated Magna Cum Laude from BIOLA with a B.S. in Christian Education, a minor in Bible, and a specialty in Curriculum Writing.  She has successfully launched her three children into adulthood after homeschooling for 17 years.  Wendy has put her degree to good use writing curriculum and teaching the elementary aged worship hour at her church for 18 years.  While homeschooling, she organized and taught Lively Literature, a precursor to her work with RAH teaching Literature to middle and high school homeschooling students.  After 18 years with RAH, she is looking forward to joining the CHRSM family.  In secular circles, Wendy has tutored students for the writing portion of the SAT.  She is currently in her 19th year as a substitute teacher for LCPS, teaching all subjects at the middle and high school levels.  

Current Classes
HS: Literature A (2 hrs) – Instructor (open)
HS: Literature B (2 hrs) – Instructor (open)
MS: Literature (90 min) – Instructor (open)