Mrs. Marcia Malloy To All Instructors

Upper Elementary Art, Art 1, Art 2

Marcia Malloy is an art educator with 28 years teaching experience. Her degree is a BA of Architecture from Va Tech. After a few years pursuing that field, she discovered the joy of teaching students to draw and seeing them grow in their artistic pursuits. Classes at Rhode Island School of Design, Nova, and the Torpedo Factory gave her the skills she needed to accomplish those goals. 

Since 1988, she has taught art to elementary and middle school students at Christian Assembly Academy, Dominion Christian School, and for 17 years at Trinity Christian School in Fairfax. During that time she also taught homeschool and private classes as well.  Moving to Leesburg in 2007, she taught summer camps at Art Square. Retiring from Trinity in 2014, she has taught at Right At Home and has opened a studio in her home in Leesburg, as well as teaching at Assisi Bridge Coop for 4 years.

Mrs. Malloy lives in Leesburg with her daughter, son in law and three grandsons and attends Free Life Church. She has 5 daughters, 4 sons in law, 15 grandchildren, 3 chickens, and a dog.

Current Classes
ME: Art – Instructor (open)
MS: Art – Instructor (open)
UE: Art – Instructor (open)