Mrs. Rebecca Redman To All Instructors

Upper Elementary General Science, Middle School Life Science, Middle School Geography, High School Physics

Becky received a B.S. in Political Science from West Virginia University before moving to the Washington, D.C. area and becoming gainfully employed by a well-known political analyst.  Her first “gig” lasted a few short years before her true love of science won out and she returned to the University of Maryland, obtaining a Doctorate of Pharmacy. She enjoyed a variety of experiences in the field of pharmacy, including teaching at schools of pharmacy and working at the Food and Drug Administration, before her “retirement” in 2010 to homeschool her growing family.  She has taught a wide variety of homeschool classes, focusing primarily on science but also on history and geography.

Becky and her husband, Red, are long-time members of Purcellville Baptist Church and active in ministry. Their favorite pastime is time with their four kids as well as with extended family and friends.

Current Classes
HS: Chemistry - Lecture & Lab (2 days) – Instructor (open)
HS: World Geography – Instructor (open)
MS/HS: Life Science – Instructor (open)
MS: General Science – Instructor (open)